All Hallows has a number of policies which guide our operation

Policies at All Hallows are many and varied but all have the same aims

To provide a guide by which the school can operate fairly and equitable
To educate every child at the highest possible standard
To ensure the school is safe and healthy for students, staff and community
To comply with the many legislations under which schools operate
Some of All Hallows Policies are expanded on this website, but many are not.

These are all available from the office;

AHS Anti Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Asthma/Anaphylaxis Policy
Attendance Policy
Awards Policy
Bookwork Policy
Canteen Policy
Chemical Policy
Child Safe Policy
Complaints  Management Policy
Critical Incidents Policy
Crunch n Sip Policy
Emergency Policy
Enrolment Policy
Excursion Policy
Financial Policy
First Aid Policy
Gifted and Talented Policy
Homework Policy
ICT Policy
Learning Support Policy
Library Policy
Maintenance Policy
Medicine Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Overnight Excursion Policy
Playground Supervision Policy
AHS Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Privacy Policy
Reporting Policy
Risk Management Policy
Sports Risk Management Policy
Staff Development Policy
Sun Safe Policy
Suspension, Transfer and Termination Policy
Uniform Policy
AHS Pastoral Care Wellbeing Policy
Workplace Health and Safety Policy